As a leading manufacturer of cementitious products for the construction industry, Crosbe supports the rigorous new standards for post-tensioning.

The new standards, which are specifically designed to provide greater assurance in construction supply chains nationwide, are backed by an independent certification scheme – providing complete transparency and clarity for manufacturers and contractors.

What are post-tensioning products used for?

In Australia, post-tensioning is widely used in commercial buildings, infrastructure, and residential apartment blocks as it provides design flexibility and speed of construction.

It also reduces the amount of concrete or other materials required in construction processes, representing a more economical and environmentally friendly solution.

At Crosbe we have a number of specialist products that have been developed and manufactured in Australia for post-tensioning.

What’s the new certification for post-tensioning products about?

The new product certification scheme for the Supply and Installation of Post Tensioning Systems for Concrete Structures has been developed by not-for-profit certification body CARES.

In developing the scheme CARES engaged with a range of stakeholders including structural engineers, major contractors, clients, the Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia (PTIA), and the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS).

Extensive public consultation was also undertaken by CARES on the scheme’s technical requirements to ensure the needs and expectations of all stakeholders were addressed.

The scheme is aimed at improvements in product standards, materials specification, design and on-site installation.

At Crosbe, we are very supportive of the rigorous process, and back any scheme that makes our industry more professional, safe and economical.

The new scheme covers:

  • Production and supply of prestressing anchorages for post-tensioning systems
  • Production and supply of prebagged grout material for use in post-tensioning systems
  • Supply and installation of post-tensioning systems in concrete structures (excluding highways structures)
  • Registration scheme for competent post-tensioning personnel.

Several documents deal with various aspects of post-tensioning of flat slabs, however, none comprehensively deals with the technical aspects of post-tensioning in building construction. As a result, CARES has produced a model specification as a guide to specification writers, which takes account of regional specifications and state building control requirements.

As well as enhancing industry expertise, the scheme will complement ongoing activities by State and Territory governments. This will enhance quality control inbuilt structures through the digitalisation of supply chains and assurance measures.

A similar scheme already operates in the UK and has proven successful. We welcome any scheme that brings certification and independent regulation to the industry, that will lead to improved quality in the Australian construction industry.

“The scheme is aimed at improvements in product standards, materials specification, design and on-site installation.”

Crosbe’s innovative post-tensioning products

Crosbe’s range of post-tensioning products is designed, developed, and made on-site at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills. The range has been extensively analysed and refined through comprehensive testing at our in-house NATA accredited lab.

Developed through years of experience working with civil engineers and construction contractors, and using real-world R&D, our PT Grout, PT Pan Fill, and PT Pocket Patch products are proven cementitious products used often by construction and concreting professionals across Australia.

Our PT range has cultivated a loyal following in Australia’s construction and concreting industry, and our customers choose Crosbe PT Grout because they trust the quality result that the product delivers for their projects.

Our ongoing research tells us that our products are preferred by onsite contractors due to their ease of use and their ability to deliver consistently great results. By specifying a premium product such as Crosbe PT Grout for example, the risks and dangers caused by excessive bleed are essentially eliminated. The risk of poor results will be mitigated and will deliver a quality result, every time.

Crosbe’s range of PT solutions is easy to use by adding water to the mix. They are all packaged in 100 per cent recyclable, rain, and tear-resistant PE bags. Our carefully engineered packaging means less wastage on site and eliminates pump housing blockages from shredded paper.

To learn more about the Crosbe PT range of post-tensioning products call us on 1300 797 500 or send us an enquiry.