Using the right floor levelling product for each job is essential. No one product can do all floor levelling jobs, which is why companies like Crosbe provide a range of products to suit different situations, such as required thickness, the condition of the existing flooring, and whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Floor leveller

Floor leveller

The right self-levelling cement will create a smooth and even surface on your subfloor, repairing imperfections in the subfloor surface. Self-levelling cements can be used as an underlayment for tile, carpet, or other floor coverings, or as an overlayment for an industrial flooring finish.

Using a high-quality, commercial-grade, floor-levelling product like Crosbe’s CROSflow® 830 Commercial Leveller, that’s been developed in conjunction with our customers to suit the needs of commercial users is essential for a quality job.

Our recently improved, second-generation CROSflow® 830 Commercial Leveller is suitable for internal or external applications where a thickness between feather edge and 50 mm is required. Ideal for major commercial construction and infrastructure projects CROSflow® 830 Commercial Leveller has exceptional flow and adhesion properties and is suitable for use over new or old concrete floors before the application of floor coverings and is accepting of foot traffic in as little as 3-4 hours. It is a versatile product that can be manually installed or pumped.

Like all Crosbe products, CROSflow® 830 Commercial Leveller is supplied in tear and rain-resistant PE bags reducing the possibility of damaged bags and extending product shelf life.

The advantages of self-levelling cements

Floor leveller

Floor leveller

Self-levelling cements create a smooth, high-strength surface which makes the ideal underlay for other floor coverings like tiles, timber, and more. They are incredibly smooth, and some are durable enough to be used as hard wearing overlayments. While they are primarily used to level old or damaged concrete some can also be laid on top of any non-flexible flooring surface, such as ceramic tile, LVP, wood, or plywood.

Self-levelling cements cure fast, which means less time to wait for the next stage of the job, plus fewer opportunities for anyone to put a footprint in your work! Depending on which self-levelling product you use, your floor may be trafficable within two hours and accepting some floor coverings within 24 hours.

The Crosbe difference

In addition to CROSflow® 830 Commercial Floor Leveller, Crosbe also manufactures CROSflow® 810 Floor Leveller for internal applications where a thickness between 1mm and 50mm is required, CROSflow® 820 Bulk Filler for internal bulk fill and ramping applications where a thickness of between 5mm and 80mm is required, and CROSflow® 840 Feather, which is a rapid drying, smoothing compound suitable for internal applications.

In the coming months Crosbe are set to launch the new CROSflow® 860 Overlayment. A high performance, fibre reinforced, cementitious self-levelling overlayment suitable for use in internal and external environments. CROSflow® 860 Overlayment is suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial flooring applications where a thickness between 5mm and 30mm is required. Use CROSflow® 860 Overlayment over new or old concrete floors as the final floor finish. Being rapid setting, it is suitable to accept foot traffic after 4 hours cure. It is suitable to be overcoated with a silicate-based surface densifier, or can be coated with traditional surface coatings, such as acrylics, polyurethanes, and epoxies.

All Crosbe products are manufactured locally in our state-of-the-art facility in Sydney and tested in our in-house NATA accredited laboratory.

To find out more about our CROSflow® range of levelling products or to place an order, call us on 1300 797 500 or send us an enquiry.