So says Amelia Friedman, a Washington Tech Titan who was quoted in the Harvard Business Review recently. It certainly rings true for Crosbe’s six core values, which all stem from an incident 21 years ago involving our managing director, Albert Haddad.

A fresh-faced 19-year-old, Albert had just started working at a cement company when he casually told a family friend that he could source ten bags of cement for him. Weeks later his father gravely asked what had come of that promise, knowing full well it had been forgotten. Albert’s embarrassed pleas to finally deliver fell on deaf ears.

“No, he’s already got it from elsewhere,” his father sternly replied. “Don’t ever promise anything, ever again, that you can’t deliver.”

And from that life lesson sprang Crosbe’s founding core value: integrity.

At Crosbe, we know that integrity is key. If we say we can do something, we make sure we do it because there are countless site managers, engineers, foremen and architects relying on us to get the product on site. As Australia’s largest independent distributor of bagged cement and related products we know that if we get it wrong, things can quickly grind to a halt.

Our general manager, Guy Mainsbridge, flies the flag for our next core value: accuracy. Guy is all about getting the detail right because triple-checking purchase orders and reconfirming delivery dates and times is part-and-parcel of following through on promises.

As the business has grown Guy and Albert have passed on their high standards to staff, who live out the values of respect, customer focus and relationships every day. As Albert says to our customer service reps:

“Relationships are important. You’re the person that our customer talks to more than anyone else at Crosbe because they’re calling or emailing you every day. Respect that relationship because from respect, goodwill flows. Our company was born through getting to know our customers and respecting their needs.”

It’s this dedication to understanding our customers’ needs that exemplifies our last core value: improvement. Never one for standing still, we’re always asking the market where we can help solve its problems. That’s why we developed Crosbe PT grout, working with our own “secret herbs and spices” to come up with a product that eliminates the need for on-site mixing of additives. As for what’s next in our own product line, well, watch this space!

So as you can see, at Crosbe we reference our six core values every day, in everything we do. Who would have thought that a scolding from Dad 21 years ago would lead to so much?