Low Relaxation Strand

LR Strand

Crosbe is a leading supplier of Low Relaxation (LR) Strand to the Australian market. Low Relaxation Strand is made up of six outer wires twisted around a central ‘king’ wire. Relaxation properties are developed by subjecting the strand to induction heat treatment prior to packaging.

Our range of 7-wire strand is used in the construction and mining industries. Applications include pre-stressing and post tensioning of concrete structures, manufacture of ground anchors and roof bolts.

We have one of the largest strand stock holdings in Australia, providing reliable supply and the convenience of short lead times to our customers. 12.7mm and 15.2mm strand diameters are regularly stocked in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane warehouses, in nominal coil weights of 3 tonnes. Other sizes and coil weights available by order.

All strand supplied by Crosbe is ACRS certified to conform to AS/NZS 4672:2007.

LR Strand Specifications

Name / Size

12.7mm Strand 

15.2mm Strand

Grade (MPa)



Tolerance on Strand Diameter (mm)

+/- 0.4

+/- 0.4

Minimum Breaking Force (kN)



Minimum 0.1% Proof Load (kN)



Minimum Elongation 500mm GL (%)



Nominal Area (mm2)



Nominal Mass (kg/1000m)



Nominal Length (m/1000kg)



Lay (or Helix)

Left Hand Lay*

*Crosbe may stock Right Hand Lay coils from time to time. We recommend you confirm the lay at the time of order.