Innovative cementitious grout and mortar solutions for the construction industry

Crosbe creates technically advanced and extremely robust cementitious grouts and mortars that make your project easier. Our wide range of 100% Australian made products support you to deliver project on time, on budget, and without fuss. Our industrial chemists listen and learn from construction professionals out in the field. Engaging directly with Crosbe product users at each level enables us to understand the needs of the managers overseeing the project, the engineers designing the project and the contractors delivering the trades for the project.

We then feed those insights back to our R&D and product design teams at our NATA accredited laboratory at our Sydney headquarters, which enables us to continuously improve our products. This continuous feedback loop of customer centric, real-world testing has enabled us to establish Crosbe as a dependable, reputable, and supportive partner to construction projects across Australia.

Cementitious solutions backed by industry leading R&D

At Crosbe we utilise cutting edge technology to continually develop technically advanced grouts and mortars. Many of our products are designed for use in projects requiring 100-year design life, and all our products are designed and manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art production facility in Sydney.

Sustainable 21st Century market-led solutions

Crosbe specialises in sustainable product innovation through the use of recycled and supplementary cementitious materials (SCM’s) in almost all the products we produce. The result is a reduced carbon footprint and minimised use of virgin raw materials. In fact, it was our desire for sustainable innovation that compelled us to pivot our business in 2016 towards developing and manufacturing our own products.

Today, through listening to the needs of the market and pre-empting the future needs of construction managers, engineers, and trade contractors, Crosbe delivers market-led innovation that makes a meaningful difference in the field.


Pre-empting the needs of the concrete and construction industry

Crosbe product design and development is precisely guided by the needs of the customer, enabling our customers to deliver quality work efficiently. It is why we produced Crosbe PT Grout, a high-performance premixed grout for post tensioning ducts. This eliminated the need for onsite dosing of additives meaning one less thing that needed to be done on site.

It is also why Crosbe is one of the few suppliers that package into fully recyclable, rain and tear-resistant PE bags. We have led the way with PE packaging, increasing product shelf life and reducing on-site product damage by up to 15% for some customers.

These are just two of many examples of how Crosbe listens to the professionals who use our products in the field to deliver market-led solutions that address the specific needs of construction managers, engineers, and trade contractors. Crosbe products simply make jobs easier.

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“Crosbe’s rain and tear resistant PE bags have been a great idea compared to the traditional GP cement bags which fall apart in the rain and damage the cement. We leave pallets of InfraGrout 110 on the bridge deck, sometimes covered, and at times uncovered and have so far never lost a bag due to rain. This has saved both money and the environment from disposing of damaged product. On previous projects it was common to lose significant amounts of GP cement due to rain, InfraGrout in the PE bag has eliminated this from happening again”.

Damien Fuser, Senior Project Engineer
VSL Australia