Science of strength through real world R&D.

At Crosbe we are firm believers in the ‘science of strength’. It’s what drives us to innovate and pursue cutting edge, real-world research and development and product design in our NATA accredited laboratory at our Sydney headquarters. Through our ongoing investment in people and technology, Crosbe is leading the way in innovation and growing our sovereign capability through local R&D.

Our team of industrial chemists pursue innovation because it excites us. If we identify a gap in the market, we will fill it with a unique Crosbe solution. If there is an existing product in the market that can be improved upon – including one of our own products – we will investigate it and improve it.

Our curiosity and drive to deliver better products has enabled Crosbe to become leaders in the research and development, production, and supply of cementitious grouts and mortars for the construction industry

When you choose a Crosbe product, you are not just choosing the physical product in the bag. You are choosing to invest in tireless Australian research and development, a product designed from the ground up to precisely deliver to your needs, and a partner who can support you.

Experience the Crosbe difference

Unlike many larger manufacturers, Crosbe is a 100% Australian owned and operated private company established in 2011, manufacturing products from our state-of-the-art production facility in Sydney.

We offer quality and consistency in our products coupled with convenience and reliability in our service. We work hard to ensure that our customers can simply get on with their job without second guessing their choice of product.

An innovator in the field, we can respond quickly to any special project requirements you may have. Our local team of material technologists are available to assist with project scoping, product development and testing to ensure our products meet the precise specifications of your project. This can include product testing to ISO 17025 at our own NATA accredited laboratory.

With a growing distribution network, Crosbe products are supplied and trusted nationwide by tier one construction companies and joint ventures, as well as major civil, ground engineering and post tensioning contractors. In recent years we have supplied over 20,000 tonnes per annum of packaged products throughout Australia.

Crosbe product testing in action

Why work with Crosbe?

Crosbe works closely with construction managers, building project managers, civil engineers, project engineers and quality engineers to ensure that their projects are supported with industry leading cementitious grout and mortar solutions that are developed through science and real-world R&D. From the smallest contractor to the largest civil engineering firms, across both the public and private sectors, our partners benefit from having the industry expertise, leadership, and technical support of a 100% Australian owned and operated, innovation-first company.

Crosbe’s technical team ensure that our customers have access to all relevant product data, technical specifications, and approvals they need to comfortably specify the right products for their project. We work with you to keep your project running on time and on budget.

Our products are proven on the ground, consistently providing quality without uncontrollable variations that often cause delays. All our products are easy to use and quality tested, ensuring contractors can deliver their services on time and to the highest of standards.

Toll Blending and Packaging

In addition to packaging our own branded products, Crosbe also offers state-of-the-art toll blending and packaging services of cement and aggregate based products (20kg PE bags and bulk bags) to its customers. We can assist in either mass production toll manufacturing or smaller scale custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.