Crosbe recently launched InfraGrout® 100, an economical yet highly effective ground engineering solution.

Based on InfraGrout® 110, the flagship product of the Crosbe InfraGrout® range, InfraGrout® 100 is a high strength, high flow, low bleed, pumpable cementitious grout with extended working time. It has been specifically designed for general civil applications, including grouting of ground anchors, temporary anchors, and soil nails.

InfraGrout® 110, Crosbe’s premium ground engineering product that is approved for use by VicRoads, Transport for NSW, and Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads, has been met with high praise  and strong sales from the civil industry.

However, some projects do not require the most premium solution available, and instead only require a quality product that is fit for purpose. And this is why we created InfraGrout® 100.

Infragrout 100

Crosbe InfraGrout® 100: Design features & benefits

  • High flow properties.
  • Early strength gain.
  • Does not segregate.
  • Sand free pumping into tight clearance areas.
  • Available in 100% recyclable, rain and tear resistant 20kg PE bags.

A truly economical, effective, and efficient solution

 InfraGrout® 100 is the ideal ground engineering solution for projects not requiring approval from organisations such as Transport for NSW. Where the higher specification of InfraGrout® 110 is not required, InfraGrout® 100 is the perfect solution, offering a significant economic advantage while still providing many of the qualities found in InfraGrout® 110.

In fact, testing has shown that when compared to traditional General Purpose (GP) cement and additive grout mixes, InfraGrout® 100 is proven to offer significant performance advantages. Results have shown that GP cement and additive mixes can produce significant amounts of bleed. InfraGrout® 100 not only eliminates the need for onsite dosing of such additives, but it also eliminates the risk of high levels of bleed.

InfraGrout® 100 remains a technically superior product that offers a high-flow, low bleed, and high strength. And at a highly competitive price point, InfraGrout® 100 is a very economical solution for projects that need to be done right – but on a budget.

Popular amongst existing Crosbe customers

InfraGrout® 100 offers many of the same qualities as its sister product, InfraGrout® 110, including the ability to be quickly and easily mixed onsite and the rain and tear resistant bag it is packaged in. As such, InfraGrout® 100 has proven to be the go to option for organisations that already use InfraGrout® 110 for their non-specified projects.

Part of that comes down to the fact that there are simply no similar products available on the market that offer the same mix of premium quality, ease of use, and value. Traditional GP cement and additive grout mixes are not a comparable solution to InfraGrout® 100. InfraGrout® 100 effectively sits in a category of its very own, and like other products in the InfraGrout® range can be trusted and relied upon.

InfraGrout 100

Crosbe is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of innovative cementitious product. Download the InfraGrout® 100 Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet for full product information, or contact us on 1300 797 560 to discuss your ground engineering requirements with the team.